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HIPAA Review Webinar February 8th at 12:00

Technology is essential for the growth and success of your organization in an increasingly fast-paced, constantly connected world. Unfortunately, maintenance and updates can make your IT infrastructure feel more like a burden than an asset. That’s where Haselkorn, Inc. comes to the rescue—we specialize in small-to-medium business IT support services, healthcare IT and business cloud solutions. We take care of your technology needs so you can focus on running your business.

Your IT Solutions Partner

Since 2004 Haselkorn has provided healthcare IT and business IT support services and cloud in and around West Springfield, MA. We strive to provide our clients with enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for SMBs.
Time and experience have helped us develop workflow procedures designed to move your technology focus to the back burner—we monitor, upgrade and protect your systems so that you can devote your attention to operational tasks.

When you partner with Haselkorn, you experience:


Less Downtime


Faster resolutions that improve productivity


Fewer Day-to-Day Issues


Proactive, preventative maintenance to keep you up and running


Flat-Rate Monthly Services


Fair prices that enable you to maximize your technology budget


Infrastructure Protection


Secure your network and devices from potential threats


Business Continuity


Backup and disaster recovery plans to insure your future

Preparing for an IT Disaster

IT disasters are devastating to the infrastructure of any business. In 2018, threats to your IT infrastructure are growing no matter what sector your business operates in. If disaster strikes, will you be prepared?

What does an IT disaster look like?

IT disasters are classified as either natural or man-made. Natural disasters are floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, or any natural event that damages your infrastructure. Preparing for this type of disaster is especially critical for businesses in high-risk areas. In contrast, man-made disasters can be malicious, like sabotage or cyberattacks, but they can also have more benign causes, like power outages, or even simple human error. Whatever the cause of your IT downtime, a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan is the key to getting your business up-and-running again.

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