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To meet compliance regulations

Hosted email security is a multi-layered approach to increase the safety and efficiency of your email solution.  Email is constantly exposed to some of the most destructive malware, virus or phishing attacks. Keep the harmful emails away from your email server where a click on the wrong link can cause problems.  As much as 90% of the email sent to you is spam or other potentially harmful content.


Email archiving will give you a searchable repository of all email sent and received by anyone on your team.  This gives you the ability to pull anything up that was lost or deleted and the information remains in-tact.  It will help with regulatory compliance and discovery if ever needed.


Email encryption services are also needed to keep your information secure.  Having a way to send sensitive information via email is a must in modern business.  It is required by most privacy regulations and can keep your business from becoming a headline or paying hefty fines.


We keep up with the ever-evolving regulations that face business today and keep your email solution where it needs to be.


If your email solution is ever offline our hosted email security platform will hold messages in queue until they can be delivered, so emails don’t get lost.


Your team will waste less time cleaning up junk mail and worrying about email threats and can focus communications.

Benefits of Email Security Services:


Simple and effective SPAM protection


Seamless integration with almost all email systems


Unlimited archive storage


Industry standard encryption protocol

Discover how Haselkorn makes email security affordable and effective.