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VoIP Business Services

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Traditional phone lines and legacy phone systems are expensive to maintain and lack the robust features our clients and their customers are expecting. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones take advantage modern data networks to reduce costs and increase functionality. Our clients have seen 70% reduction in their monthly phone expenses and have added modern equipment with endless flexibility with little or no up-front costs.

Rely on Haselkorn Inc to implement and maintain your VoIP phone system. Clients will see an increase in productivity, reliability and flexibility in the way the use their phone system. We will design your communications system work the way you want to work, and not the other way around.


We have customizable solutions for clients of any size, we can work with hosted solutions or onsite solutions.  We can work with existing lines or move to a lower cost vendor, whatever the situation we can work with you.

Future Proof

The days of having to replace your entire communications platform to get the latest and greatest features are gone.  VoIP phone systems are designed to be simple to upgrade with new advanced features.

Work Anywhere

VoIP phone systems are completely flexible so you can communicate from the office or from anywhere else.  Simple solutions to keep you as reachable to your customers as you need.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Services:


Gain insight and information from detail call reporting features


Reduce your phone expenses while gaining new features


Increased productivity and mobility


Less onsite infrastructure required

Boost productivity and profitability with a Haselkorn Inc VoIP system.