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Protect Yourself Against the Unexpected

with Managed Backup & Recovery Solutions

All organizations are vulnerable to server failure or data loss. It can be the result of so many unpredictable events like human error, natural disaster or malicious attacks. The business world of today moves so fast and data is ever changing and ever growing.

Many companies have some backup but it is not often monitored or worse it is not often tested. The often forgot piece of any backup and recovery plan is the recovery process. Haselkorn Inc works with our clients to explain the process of recovery in the event of a failure so the correct strategy can be implemented. Backup is very important but it’s the recovery part of the plan that is the more important piece.

Stay Productive

Mangaged backup solutions are designed around clients specific needs.  That way we work to keep their backup and recovery strategy on track so they can focus on their business.

Fit any budget

All businesses need the same dependable backup & recovery solution no matter their size or budget. Our offering is designed to offer competitivly priced, reliable solutions for organizations of any size.

Minimize Downtime

No matter what disaster strikes, we will be there to restore what you need. Anything from a single file loss to a total system loss – restoring to normal operations is our top priority.

Our Customized Backup & Recovery Solutions contain:



Fully managed and monitored


Cloud, onsite or hybrid storage


Onsite instant virtualization


Scheduled recovery plan testing

Don’t panic. Haselkorn, Inc. solutions have you covered.