Managed Print Services

Maximize the efficiency of your printers.


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Take control of your Printer Fleet

With Print Management

Haselkorn Inc will evaluate your current printing needs to design an ideal solution for your team. We will optimize the number and type of printers in your business or just configure your existing fleet for better efficiency.

Most organizations don’t fully understand their total print needs and costs or don’t have measurable cost controls in place. On average, organizations will spend up to three percent of their total annual revenue generating documents.

improve productivity

Haselkorn provides continuous monitoring and pre-emptive support that increases uptime, output quality and user productivity.

Timely consumables

Haselkorn consumables management will automatically ship you toner/ink when you need it. It learns your usage and makes sure you have the supplies when you need them and aren’t overbuying it before you need it.

go green

Reduce your power, paper and consumables with economic printer solutions.

Benefits of Application Hosting Services:



Don’t run out of toner, ink or other consumables.


Don’t waste money stocking up on ink to prevent running out.


Better print fleet design to maximize productivity while staying under budget.


Reporting to see status of printers

Make printer chaos a thing of the past with Haselkorn Inc.