Infrastructure as a Service

Leverage the cloud for your IT Infrastructure.
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Eliminate Hardware and Utility Expenses

with IaaS Services

Servers cost money and managing hardware, software, power, cooling, security and more is a major time commitment. Leveraging the power of the cloud allows you to run multiple systems or applications from a datacenter that you don’t need to maintain. Your team will experience better manageability, performance, scalability and security. Haselkorn makes it easy for you to migrate to an IaaS environment and ensures it remains properly updated, managed and maintained.

Haselkorn uses proven technologies from vendors such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMWare to deliver an environment that performs even better than your current infrastructure—with the added benefits of greater reliability and security.

Work anywhere

By creating a flexible Infrastructure as a Service platform your team can connect to the systems they need wherever they are.

No Investments

Pay for the resources you need and don’t pre-buying the ones you will need as you grow. The expensive servers, switches, storage, power and cooling are no longer your investment to make.

Built-in Growth

An IaaS eviorment gives you the flexibility to scale your equipment up or down and add associated services as needed.

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service:


Run Apps on PC, Mac, iOS and Android


Boosted data security with built in redundancy or backups


Increased productivity and mobility


Less onsite infrastructure required

Stay competitive with an IaaS platform by Haselkorn.