Desktop as a Service

Boost your team’s productivity and profitability with Desktop as a Service.
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Delivered anywhere from the cloud
Desktop as a service leverages virtualization and cloud computing to deliver your team their own personalized experience from the cloud. They will get access to data and applications from a centralized location and can connect from a variety of devices. Increasing reliability and productivity while lowering the cost of operations.

Haselkorn, Inc. offers DaaS solutions that enable you to gain the benefits of desktop virtualization without owning or supporting the infrastructure. Hosted virtual desktops enables rapid deployment of workstations, makes software migrations and upgrades less complex and scales with your team.


Get consistent standard workstation configuration with applications or apply different options by user.


A platform that grows or change with your team as the business needs change.


Redundant cloud servers that can even be configured to replicate around the country or the world to meet any computing demands.

Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS):

Access from anywhere on any device.
Centralize management and control of desktops.
Lower Investment in hardware and longer lifecycle.
Backup and redundancy of data for better peace of mind.

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