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Enhance Flexibility & Reduce Costs

with Web Application Hosting Services

Reduce large capital investments in application infrastructure with web application hosting services.  Users can be given flexible and secure access to your hosted applications for virtually anywhere.  Haselkorn Inc will host your mission critical apps in the cloud so users can access them from laptops, desktops or even mobile phones and tablets.

Work anywhere

With applications hosted in the cloud you can now connect from your office, or anywhere else you need to. This gives your staff the ability to get information faster or work elsewhere when your office isn’t operational.

No Investments

You no longer will have to shell out large sums of capital for the infrastructure to run your applications. Your in-house equipment can be scaled down or may not even be needed. This shifts your application budget from CapEx to OpEx.

Built-in Growth

When you grow your team, you just crank up the dial on the cloud resources and your application grows as you need it. You will not need to upgrade, replace or oversize your infrastructure to run your apps when they are hosted in the cloud.

Benefits of Application Hosting Services:


Run Apps on PC, Mac, iOS and Android


Boosted data security with built in redundancy or backups


Increased productivity and mobility


Less onsite infrastructure required

Count on Haselkorn Inc for reliable, scalable & affordable application hosting.