National Small Business Week begins on April 25! Owning and running a small to medium-sized business can be one of the most rewarding endeavors you will ever undertake. But does keeping your business operating smoothly ever feel like an endless juggling act? From handling personnel issues to supply chain snags, your work day can fly by. Some days, you find yourself leaving the office with your original to-do list untouched as you spent the day responding to emergencies.

With so many competing priorities, many owners of small and medium-sized businesses do not think about their IT infrastructure until a problem arises; this is the break/fix approach. If this is you, it may be time for a change. In business, it pays to be proactive.

Unless you have performed a full Technology Assessment, you could be heading for trouble and not even know it. A Technology Assessment is a complete review of all your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, security protocols, management, and performance. Once you have a comprehensive view of the state of your IT, you will be able to identify areas of improvement and make strategic business decisions. By being proactive, problems will be caught early, and solutions identified and implemented.

Four Elements of a Technology Assessment 

  1. Network: Network downtime can result in lost revenue and lost clients. Are your drives and software properly updated? We make sure your network equipment, systems, and applications are properly provisioned, secured and optimized for maximum performance and reliability.
  2. Cloud: The cloud significantly increases business flexibility and efficiency. Are you making the most of it? We will analyze how you are using the cloud and what you could be doing better. Need help migrating more of your business to the cloud? We can manage the process. The cloud is a necessity for business owners who want to ensure their employees can access the documents and applications they need, when they need them. 
  3. Communications: In business, communication is everything. Are you using the best tools? Email is often a company’s weakest security link; are your current email practices putting your business at risk? If you are still using traditional phone lines and legacy phone systems, you may be paying a premium, yet missing out on key advantages and savings of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones. During a Technology Assessment, we will analyze your current communications infrastructure to help you identify cost-saving opportunities and potential security risks.
  4. Security & Compliance: When you implement new technology solutions, are you taking security and compliance into consideration? Often, small businesses focus on efficiency over security. Compliance is even more important for businesses that hold health information and are subject to HIPAA, or those with European clients who will be subject to the new data protection rules. You need a partner like Haselkorn to monitor these compliance concerns. During a Technology Assessment, we will make sure your technology environment is fully compliant and help you close the gaps in your security practices.

 A Technology Assessment Identifies Flaws You Need to Know About 

  • Weaknesses in your cyber security protocols. These weaknesses need immediate attention to avoid any adverse effects on your operations and networks.
  • Overused or underused technology resources. The technology needs of your teammates can differ widely and some departments may require more network resources than others. By looking at your entire system, you will be able to optimize your resources.
  • Bandwidth bottlenecks. As more organizations move their operations into the cloud, more bandwidth is frequently required. Streaming videos, running programs, and downloading files can all slow down your network.

This National Small Business Week, partner with business IT experts like Haselkorn and start reaping the benefits of a Technology Assessment. Gain valuable insights into your IT infrastructure so that you can make informed, strategic decisions. Optimize your resources and save staff time by identifying and fixing bandwidth bottlenecks. Protect your reputation by securing your sensitive data from hackers.

Haselkorn will be your IT partner every step of the way. We will perform a Technology Assessment across your entire IT environment and identify the problems and solutions you need to know about. Together, we will map out a course that will continue to move your company forward. Contact us today.