If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, you’ve likely had a challenging year attempting to adjust to the sudden need for a socially distanced working environment. But as you already know, when you’re the boss, the next test is always right around the corner. The latest news that might keep you up at night is the unsurprising rise in hacking since Covid-19 shifted us all into the remote revolution. With everyone from the FBI to the UN warning of increased cybersecurity threats, many businesses have turned to specialized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to boost their cybersecurity profiles.


If criminals are good at anything, it’s capitalizing on an opportunity. And the scramble to shift to remote work has left many organizations increasingly vulnerable as they test new solutions and work out kinks on the fly. Hackers are working around the clock to exploit this golden moment as, according to UN disarmament chief Izumi Nakamitsu, it is now estimated that a cyberattack takes place every 39 seconds. 

Below are just some of the latest cybercrime trends popping up more frequently since the pandemic started:


Be wary of unexpected Zoom links for surprise work meetings, e-mails claiming to have information on new stimulus checks or news about coronavirus relief packages. 


Cybercriminals are specifically targeting the healthcare industry because of the stress on their resources the pandemic has caused.


 Looking to take advantage of the current economic uncertainty, hackers are using fake investment tips or opportunities; specifically, investments in cures or treatments for coronavirus should be treated with suspicion.


By tasking a dedicated team of experienced cybersecurity professionals to watch over your business, you give your business the best chance of warding off these types of attacks. An MSP can help you with:


As you attempt to adapt to the latest twist and turns, having expert cybersecurity specialists with years of relevant experience who can advise and review your cybersecurity profile is pretty much required at this point. An MSP can assess and stay on top of the latest cybersecurity threats, implement preventative solutions, and train your staff on how to stay safe ­– so you know you’re as secure as possible.


Whether HIPAA, DFARS, or NIST, compliance laws are a headache for most businesses. And with the increase in remote working, the rules will probably only get stricter. MSPs handle these regularly and can quickly assess how to achieve compliance, stay compliant, and, most importantly, document your efforts, so you avoid hefty fines.


When you’re running a business, time is at a premium. And cybersecurity is a fight that is ultimately won or lost by paying attention to small details. It’s a full-time job spotting threats, identifying weaknesses, and ensuring your team is updated and all on the same page. With a business to run, it might be hard to dedicate that much effort to one task alone. But by hiring a team that can stay on the ball for you, you make sure all your bases are covered.


If you’d like to know more about how MSPs like Haselkorn Inc. are helping small and medium-sized businesses adapt during these uncertain times, contact us today. We can walk you through all the ways your business can be more secure.