While the COVID-19 pandemic has created immense uncertainty about what lays ahead, one particular aspect of our future couldn’t be more apparent: The remote workforce is here to stay.  Even as some states move to reopen potions of their economies, we all need to be prepared to move back and forth between a traditional office setting and a home office setting as the situation on the ground in our particular communities change over time. It was always a matter of when and not if, but social distancing measures have quickly made cloud computing solutions and mobile workstations essential technologies for every business. And with companies scrambling to implement massive operational changes with very little notice, the advantages of utilizing Managed IT Services have never been clearer.


Currently, by helping companies implement the latest solutions in order to work remotely, Managed Service Providers (MSP) have assisted in slowing the spread of the virus by:

  • Creating completely mobile workforces that can relocate to the safest or most comfortable locations in order to stay in place for the long haul.
  • Allowing any infected employees to easily self-isolate while leaving their work accessible to other team members.
  • Removing the possibility that office buildings will be contamination zones when social distancing rules are eventually eased.


No business could have been able to anticipate the stark shift that was headed their way when the Coronavirus pandemic gripped the global economy. But companies with outsourced IT enjoy the ability to scale quickly and even more crucial, determine what these changes will cost ahead of time. No need to panic if you need to add infrastructure or implement new technologies in a hurry. Simply talk with your service provider, and the process is in motion. And at a time where uncertainty rules the day, this added flexibility is an unbelievable asset.    


Business leaders have a lot on their plate. And no one can fault the CEO of a growing business if they’re not an expert on the latest advanced obfuscation techniques hackers are using. But when a company is suddenly forced to reorganize its entire operational workflow, it’s imperative to have a dedicated team of experts making sure you’re using the latest cybersecurity protections and are staying in compliance with relevant regulations like FISMA, HIPAA, or GDPR. In the midst of massive uncertainty, MSPs have enabled leaders to remain focused on the aspects of their business they know best, while still staying informed and up-to-date IT wise.

With businesses starting to open in the next few weeks or months, those companies that have been working with a Managed IT Service Provider will also undoubtedly be healthier, more flexible, and better prepared to face whatever challenges may lay ahead. With a holistic approach to IT services, MSPs like Haselkorn, Inc. help businesses maintain a higher standard of IT preparedness than most companies would be able to achieve in-house. If you’re looking for assistance with your IT issues, contact Haselkorn, Inc. today.